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Privacy Statement

Lincoln Area DialaRide is required to process relevant personal data regarding members of staff, volunteers, partners, stakeholders, clients and customers as part of its operation and shall take all reasonable steps to do so in accordance with this Policy.

Lincoln Area DialaRide has access to information concerning many groups and individuals and it is therefore imperative that the strictest confidentiality is maintained at all times.

Information belongs to the person or agency entrusting it to a member of staff / volunteer of Lincoln Area DialaRide. Any information passed on outside of Lincoln Area DialaRide will only be given with the express permission of the person or body which supplied the information unless Lincoln Area DialaRide is legally obliged to disclose it.

Lincoln Area DialaRide has a responsibility to ensure all staff and volunteers are aware of Data Protection principles and the need for confidentiality, and that they are aware of specific guidelines that may be developed for specialised areas of work.

All members of Lincoln Area DialaRide staff and volunteers are responsible for ensuring any information they hold or are party to, is handled in line with Lincoln Area DialaRide policies and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Data Protection Act 2018.

All personal records, whether on paper or on computer are covered by the GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018 and individuals and the organisation have criminal liability if they recklessly disclose personal information. A serious breach would be a disciplinary matter.

Care With Identification
It is accepted that most breaches of confidentiality are accidental rather than deliberate and it is important to remember never to break confidentiality regardless of how the information is received. It is important to recognise that descriptions of individual events and circumstances can lead to identification even when names have not been used.

It is accepted that on certain occasions you may need to discuss an issue with other people, for example the Service & Support Manager. If this occurs, it must be made absolutely clear that all people concerned are bound by confidentiality and that confidential matters must not be discussed outside Lincoln Area DialaRide.

Exceptional Circumstances
Lincoln Area DialaRide realises that on rare occasions it may be necessary to breach the basic rules of confidentiality. For example, safeguarding situations concerning dangers to children, young people or other vulnerable people, may necessitate a breach of confidentiality. Where a staff member or volunteer feels that a matter is sufficiently serious, they must report it to the Service & Support Manager. They will make a decision as appropriate in line with Lincoln Area DialaRide policies and depending on the nature of the issue. It may also be necessary to consult with the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of Lincoln Area DialaRide before a decision is made on the action to be taken.

Data Protection Controller
The Service & Support Manager of Lincoln Area DialaRide is the Data Controller and will endeavour to ensure that all personal data is processed in compliance with this Policy and the Principles of the GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018. The Freedom of Information Act 2000 is also relevant to parts of this policy.

Lincoln Area DialaRide recognises The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and is actively working towards compliance with the Regulation.

The Principles
Lincoln Area DialaRide shall as far as is reasonably practicable comply with the Data Protection Principles contained in the GDPR and Data Protection Act to ensure that all data is;

  • Fairly and lawfully processed

  • Processed for a lawful purpose

  • Adequate, relevant and not excessive

  • Accurate and up to date

  • Not kept for longer than necessary

  • Processed in accordance with the data subject’s rights

  • Secure

  • Not transferred to other countries without adequate protection

Personal Data
Personal data covers both facts and opinions about an individual where that data identifies an individual. For example, it includes information necessary for employment such as the member of staff’s name and address and details for payment of salary. Personal data may also include sensitive personal data as defined in the Act.

Processing of Personal Data
Consent may be required for the processing of personal data unless processing is necessary for the performance of the contract of employment. Any information which falls under the definition of personal data and is not otherwise exempt, will remain confidential and will only be disclosed to third parties with appropriate consent.

Lincoln Area DialaRide processes some personal data for direct marketing and fund-raising purposes, data subjects have the right to request an opt-out to these activities, which must be respected.

Sensitive Personal Data
Lincoln Area DialaRide may, from time to time, be required to process sensitive personal data. Sensitive personal data includes data relating to medical information, gender, religion, race, sexual orientation and criminal records and proceedings.

Rights of Access to Information
Data subjects (i.e. individuals who are the subject of the personal data), have the right of access to information held by Lincoln Area DialaRide, subject to the provisions of the Data Protection Act 2018 and the Freedom of Information Act 2000. Any data subject wishing to access their personal data should put their request in writing to the Service & Support Manager (or the Office & Volunteer Supervisor in their absence). Lincoln Area DialaRide will endeavour to respond to any such written requests as soon as is reasonably practicable and in any event, within 30 days for access to records and 21 days to provide a reply to an access to information request. The information will be imparted to the data subject as soon as is reasonably possible after it has come to Lincoln Area DialaRide’s attention and in compliance with the relevant Acts.

Certain data is exempt from the provisions of the Data Protection Act which includes the following:-

  • The assessment of any tax or duty

  • Where the processing is necessary to exercise a right or obligation conferred or imposed by law upon Lincoln Area DialaRide, including Safeguarding and prevention of terrorism and radicalisation.

The above are examples only of some of the exemptions under the Act and is therefore not exhaustive.

Lincoln Area DialaRide will endeavour to ensure that all personal data held in relation to all data subjects is accurate. Data subjects must notify the Data Processor of any changes to information held about them. Data subjects have the right in some circumstances to request that inaccurate information about them is erased. This does not apply in all cases, for example, where records of mistakes or corrections are kept, or records which must be kept in the interests of all parties to which they apply.

If an individual believes that Lincoln Area DialaRide has not complied with this Policy or acted otherwise than in accordance with the Data Protection Act, the member of staff should utilise the grievance procedure (as shown in the Staff Handbook) and should also notify the Service & Support Manager (or the Office & Volunteer Supervisor in their absence).

Data Security
Lincoln Area DialaRide will take appropriate technical and organisational steps to ensure the security of personal data. All staff will be made aware of this policy and their duties under the Act. Lincoln Area DialaRide and therefore all staff are required to respect the personal data and privacy of others and must ensure that appropriate protection and security measures are taken against unlawful or unauthorised processing of personal data, and against the accidental loss of, or damage to all personal data. Personal data must be stored in appropriate systems and an appropriate level of data security must be deployed for the type of data and the data processing being performed.

Other personal data may be for publication or limited publication within Lincoln Area DialaRide, therefore having a lower requirement for data security. Attention is also drawn to the Company’s Security Policy and Email, Internet & Social Media Policy, which provide more specific information on digital data protection.

External Processors
Lincoln Area DialaRide must ensure that data processed by external processors (for example; service providers, Cloud services such as storage and web sites etc.), are compliant with this policy and the relevant legislation.

Secure Destruction
When data held in accordance with this policy is destroyed, it must be destroyed securely in accordance with best practice at the time of destruction.

Retention of Data
Lincoln Area DialaRide may retain data for differing periods of time for different purposes as required by regulatory requirements and/or best practices.

Other statutory obligations, legal processes and enquiries may also necessitate the retention of certain data. Lincoln Area DialaRide may store some data (such as registers and photographs), indefinitely in its archive.

Terms & Conditions for using ShopMobility

The following terms and conditions are in accordance with Lincoln ShopMobility’s Insurance Policies. All persons using equipment must adhere to the following at all times. If you are unsure of any points, please ask a member of staff to clarify them for you.

When you hire or loan any equipment you will be asked to sign the booking record. This is where you agree to abide by these Terms & Conditions. If you subsequently cause an accident through failure to adhere to the Terms & Conditions or the instructions given during training, you may be held responsible for the consequences.


Anyone that is sixteen years of age or above, who has reduced mobility due to age, disability, illness, or injury, be it permanent or temporary, is eligible to use the service. Persons that are between the ages of fourteen and sixteen, may only use powered scooters or powered wheelchairs if they are to be accompanied by an appropriate adult at all times (aged eighteen or above). The adult accompanying any person that is between the age of fourteen and sixteen, must ensure that the following terms and conditions are adhered to and will be held responsible for any breaches.

We reserve the right to decline the loan / hire of any equipment to any persons.


The service can be used by Registered Users (Registration is renewable one year on from the previous renewal/joining date and currently cost £20.00 per year). Visitors to Lincoln (someone who will only use the service for a short period), can use the service but there is a daily charge for use of the equipment. Suitable proof of identity and a deposit will be required for Visitors and suitable proof of identity for prospective Registered Users.


All applications for becoming a Registered User will be at the discretion of the Staff.  We do not require proof of disability. However, we do ask that you have a genuine need.  


To ensure that anyone using the equipment is competent to handle it safely, a short training programme will be provided prior to leaving the office on the first loan period. If the staff have any doubts about the ability of the client to safely use the equipment, the loan of the equipment will be denied. Further training will be given to assist the client in meeting the required level of competence and/or an alternative mobility aid may be offered. Training will need to be repeated on at least a yearly basis, or if any health conditions change (and you must advise us of any changes), or if staff feel they need to retrain you.

Loan Charges

There are no charges for the daily loan of equipment to Registered Users at present, but this may change in the future. However, there is a donation box, and all donations will go towards equipment replacement and the general running of the service.

Bookings and Loan Period

All loans must be pre-booked, by telephone (01522 544983) or in person, Monday to Friday up to 7 days in advance. Equipment can only be collected and returned between 9am and 4.15pm.

Late return of equipment will incur a charge of £5 per hour or part thereof.

On Saturdays, the office closes at 1pm, all equipment but be returned by 12.45pm

Please note that bookings will be cancelled if the hirer is more than 30 minutes late in arriving to hire out booked equipment.

We cannot guarantee the availability of any specific pre-booked mobility aid. If any pre-booked mobility aid is unavailable, we will, subject to availability, offer a suitable alternative.

Areas of Use

*not applicable for those with an appropriate hire agreement

The equipment is purely for use around the pedestrian areas of the centre of Lincoln, within the boundaries of Newport Arch in the north, the County Hospital in the east, Dixon Street in the south and Valentine Road in the west.

For safety reasons, equipment must not be used on Steep Hill.

The mobility equipment does not have a legal right of way on the highway and must therefore be confined to pedestrian areas and crossings.

If you go outside the designated area and require recovery and/or assistance a charge of £15 will be payable.


When shopping you can bring items back to the office, rather than overload the equipment. Any items to be stored must be passed to a member of staff or volunteer that will put them away until your return. We hold no liability for items that are left with us.

Persons are not permitted to enter the office before 9am and must leave by 4.30pm.

Lincoln Shopmobility and/or Lincoln Area DialaRide Ltd, has no responsibility for the parking facilities within the multi-storey car park which our office is within.

Lincoln Area DialaRide may be able to deliver and/or collect equipment from clients when you arrive in the Car Park, please call the office to advise you have arrived, however, please be aware that due to staff and/or volunteer shortages, there may on occasion be a delay on getting to the client. Lincoln Shopmobility and/or Lincoln Area DialaRide Ltd, accepts no responsibility for any parking and/or penalty charges that may be applied as a result of any delays.

Equipment Cleanliness

Food or drink should not be consumed whilst you are on the mobility equipment. If this is unavoidable, you are responsible for the equipment cleanliness on its return. We reserve the right to charge for any cleaning necessary.

Overloading of Equipment

At no time are additional passengers to be carried on the mobility aids. This includes small children, babies, and pets. Copious bags of shopping may also result in overloading which invalidates our insurance and makes the equipment unstable.

DO NOT OVERLOAD THE EQUIPMENT. If you have any doubts about this issue, please speak to a member of staff for guidance. All mobility equipment has a maximum weight capacity, this is shown on the equipment and is calculated by the weight of the person using the equipment and anything being carried on the equipment.

You will be held responsible for the consequences of overloading or poor loading of the equipment. That includes any injuries to yourself or a third party, damage to either your own or a third party’s property, or damage to the loaned equipment.


If you experience a breakdown, please contact the office as soon as possible on either 01522 544983 or 07860 634445. We will endeavour to provide replacement equipment (if available), which will be brought to you and the faulty equipment recovered. Our phone number is displayed on all mobility equipment.


If you are involved in an accident with a third party or their property you are asked to obtain the details of the incident.

This should include.

1) The name and contact details of the third party,

2) The location and time of the incident.

3) Details of any damages sustained.

4) Names and contact details of any witnesses.

If you are involved in any incident whilst using our equipment you must bring the matter to the attention of a member of staff as soon as possible on 01522 544983, 07860 634445 or on returning the equipment at the very latest.


You are responsible for your actions and any damage you may cause to people and their property whilst using the loan equipment. This includes the overloading of the equipment with shopping etc. You are responsible for the security of the equipment whilst it is on loan/hire to you, and you must take all possible precautions to avoid its theft or damage.

When leaving a scooter or powered wheelchair unattended you must ensure that;

· It is parked safely

· It is in good public view

· It is not causing any obstruction

· The ignition is switched off and that the key is removed for scooters

· The control panel is locked for powered wheelchairs

Manual Wheelchairs and/or Powered Wheelchairs must never be left unattended.

On returning any hired equipment you must ensure that the equipment is handed over to a member of Staff.

If any equipment is lost or damaged due to your negligence Lincoln Area DialaRide Ltd reserves the right to claim reimbursement from you for its repair or replacement.

We do provide tiller covers for mobility scooters when it is raining. Equipment must be kept out of the rain where possible as this will impact on the safety of the scooter.

You are advised to take out personal insurance to cover your liabilities.

Lincoln Area DialaRide Ltd reserves the right to refuse the loan of equipment to anyone who does not comply with any of these terms and conditions

Grievances and Complaints

If you wish to raise a grievance or complaint about the service, staff member or a volunteer, you should write to the Manager (Andy Wignall – or the Assistant Manager (Guinevere Green – stating the details of your grievance. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of a complaint, you can appeal the decision by writing to the Secretary of Lincoln Area DialaRide Ltd who will take your complaint to an appropriate member of the Board of Trustees.

Alternatively, you can email this account is only accessible to DialaRide management.

Payment of Registration

Registration Fees can be paid by cash, cheque, or debit/credit card at our office. Cheques should be made payable to Lincoln Area DialaRide Ltd and can also be sent by post to the following address.

Lincoln Area DialaRide Ltd

Unit 1

Lincoln Central Car Park

Melville Street



Please do not send cash through the post.

Other Important information

The inappropriate use of Equipment can cause serious injury and/or damage. We appreciate that you may have your own scooter or have used one before but ask that you follow these notes which have been created to help you use the equipment safely.

1. Before entering smaller shops on a scooter, seek permission from the proprietor as you do not have an automatic right of entry.

2. Always select the lowest speed when in crowded areas such as shopping centres, or when returning to the Lincoln DialaRide Office.

3. Always switch the power off before boarding or alighting from the mobility aid.

4. The use of a mobility aid does not give you right of way over other pedestrians. Please be patient and polite.

5. Remember that pedestrians often stop or change direction suddenly. Be ready for this and do not get too close to people. A polite “excuse me” should suffice to make your presence known.

6. Powered scooters and wheelchairs are equipped with a beeper/horn. Please use this sparingly and remember its use does not give you right of way.

7. Always use the dropped kerbs when crossing roads. Any damage caused by driving up or down kerbs is your responsibility.

8. Never carry shopping bags on the handlebars, use any baskets/bags provided and do not overload the equipment.

9. Only the hirer may operate any loaned equipment.

10. If you go into a shop and leave the mobility scooter outside, remove the key.

11. In bad weather (heavy rain or snow), do not leave the mobility scooter outside, this will cause damage to the Equipment.

12. The mobility Scooters are not permitted up the steeper inclines in Lincoln. The only route that should be used to go both up and down is Lindum Hill. Follow the path up the hill and through the arch. Serious damage to equipment and/or injury may occur if you attempt to access Steep Hill. We will not be able to access / recover any equipment on Steep Hill.

13. If you have any issues with the scooter, call the office, the phone details are on all our equipment.

14. Equipment hired out for the day must be back at the office by 4.15pm Monday to Friday and 12.45pm Saturday

We are a charity and are reliant on donations and local funding. If you have found the service useful or any staff or volunteer has provided assistance that you wish to bring to our attention, it would be appreciated if you could email  

When we apply for funding or grants, we like to use comments that our clients have submitted to support our claim. To continue to provide our services we do hope that you can assist us by letting us know what the service means to you.


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